Steak Tacos

Steak Tacos

Prep time

20 min

Cook time

30 minutes


Mexico / Wales


  • 3 large tomatoes
  • 1 whole red onion
  • 1 whole bell pepper
  • 2-3 red chilli
  • 3-4 whole garlic cloves
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Red wine vinegar
  • 1 fresh lime
  • Beef skirt steak
  • Handful of chopped coriander
  • Salad sprouts for garnish

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Step 1 - Heat The Skillet

Put some oil inside your cast iron skillet - put the skillet inside the Woody Oven and allow it to heat up. Use caution as the entirety of the skillet will heat up wear adequate hand protection. 

Step 2 - Grill The Salsa Veggies

Remove the hot skillet from the oven and place on a heat proof surface. Use caution as the skilled and oil will be very hot. 

Add the tomatoes, onion, pepper and 2 chilis whole. Watch out for hot oil spatter! Toss in 3-4 whole or lightly crushed cloves of garlic and drizzle with a generous helping of olive oil and a pinch of salt to taste. Place the skillet inside the Woody to start heating and softening.

Step 3 - Making Tortilla Dough

Pour some masa marina into a new bowl and slowly add water until you reach a play-doh like consistency. Once combined but crumbly, add a pinch of salt and squish together.

Separate the dough into roughly 40g pieces per tortilla and roll into a ball shape between the palms of your hands. Press each ball in between two sheets of baking parchment and flatten using a tortilla press or roll thinly with a rolling pin, rotating a few times to create a circular shape.

Pop a freshly rolled/pressed tortilla into the hot cast iron skillet and heat for 30 seconds, flipping once and cooking for another 30 seconds on the other side. Gently fold warmed tortilla wraps into a clean cotton tea towel, and allow the steam inside to finish cooking the tortillas through. 

Step 4 - Check On Those Veggies

Using your hands, peel the skins off the cooled veggies. They should come away quite easily if they’re cooked through and soft inside. Roughly chop the veg into chunks & season well with salt and pepper. mix gently and add a dash of red wine vinegar to bring the flavours together. Chop ingredients again to a finer salsa texture and squeeze over half a lime and a good glug of olive oil.

Step 5 - Beef Time

Lay out the beef skirt steak, drizzle with olive oil and season well with salt and pepper. Place the steak into a pre-heated cast iron skillet, cook through by placing the skillet inside the oven. Sear the steak on each side. Tip: A temperature probe is really useful in this situation.

Beef Internal Temperatures:

  • Rare: 52°c
  • Medium: 57-63°c
  • Well Done: 68°c

Once cooked, thinly slice the steak against the direction of the muscle fibres for a tender bite. 

Step 6 - Build Your Tacos

Lay out the fresh tortillas, ready to build the taco with a few strips of steak and a big dollop of salsa on top. Finish with a squeeze of lime, a little finely chopped chilli and a few washed salad sprouts.

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