Great pizza. Made simple.

Our products allow you to create restaurant quality food at home. Our first oven gained a cult following, excellent feedback and rave reviews. Our aim is to elevate the way people cook outdoors. Simple.

Where it all begins

Say hello to Woody

2020 in the peak of the pandemic, passionate cooks & life long friends James & John decide to make a pizza oven. After plenty of tinkering and experimentation 30 initial prototypes are created. These prototypes are a far cry from todays product but, they sell out immediately - They knew they were on to something! Gearing up for launch in 2021, the initial oven is developed further and the Woody Oven brand is born.

May 2021 - Woody Oven launches officially to rave reviews. National press and large publications heap praise on the product, under prepared for demand - Woody Oven sells out on pre-order for the duration of the year.

Product development

Woody becomes multi-fuel

In August 2022 we launch an updated version of the Woody Oven, with a significant change - the ability to use gas. The oven is rated "the best value oven" - Ideal Home. "Best wood fired oven" - BBC Good Food. plus a whole host of other accolades.

In 2023 the Woody Oven team expands, with new members in customer support, - product development and warehousing. The aim is to improve service and to grow a community of passionate cooks with excellent products and great service.

The future

Present day

Our aim is to constantly improve and evolve. In February our modular table was released. This product sparks a new era of product design and development. We have bolstered our ingredient offering by partnering with industry leaders.

Our motto is Great pizza. Made simple.

We will explore every avenue to make that a reality for our end users.

Our mission

We think pizza is the most social food, to be enjoyed and shared by everyone! We strive to do everything with a conscience, paying attention to our impact and ensuring our effect on the future is positive.