Make a Neapolitan pizza.

Part 3 of our essential guide

Video Guide

In this video a Woody Oven brand ambassador shows you how to make the perfect Neapolitan margherita pizza from scratch. Creating pizza from scratch "knead" not be difficult, following this guide you too could master the art of pizza making.

Ingredients required to make dough:

Creates dough at circa 65% hydration.

  • 1kg - "00" Double Zero Pizza Flour
  • 30g - Sea Salt
  • 3g - Fresh Yeast
  • 650ml - Cold Water

Toppings for a Neapolitan margherita:

  • "Ideally" San Marzano tomatoes for the base
  • Fior di latte
  • Fresh Basil
  • Parmesan
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Before cooking on your Woody Oven it is essential to cure your stone.

To do this: Get your oven up-to its maximum temperate (around 500°C) and run it for circa 30 minutes. Allow the flames to die and the oven to cool naturally. After it has fully cooled you are ready to re-heat and cook pizza. Follow guidance in: Part 2 essential set up guide "How to ignite and maintain heat in your Woody pizza oven"

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