Maintaining your Woody Oven.

Part 4 of our essential guide.

Cleaning your oven


  • Warm water and microfibre cloth.
  • Dishwasher liquid and microfibre cloth - for tough dirt & grime.
  • Glass cleaner and microfibre cloth - for fingerprints.
  • Stainless steel cleaner - to return the shine.
  • Polish along the grain of the stainless steel - prevents streaks.
  • Dry your surface with a clean towel - prevents spotting.
  • Mineral oil - returns shine to stainless.
  • Scrape left over food and ash from your stone.
  • Wipe your stone with a lightly damp cloth.


  • Use an abrasive pad / cloth on stainless steel or top cover.
  • Use bleach - strong solutions will damage the stainless steel.
  • Use a dirty cloth - grains of dirt can scratch.
  • Fully submerge or get your pizza stone fully wet.

Ensure that your oven has fully cooled and use your protective cover / carry bag supplied with your oven.